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Driving Safety Tips and Tricks

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Safety must be your topmost priority when you’re going out for a drive. You must make a habit to check your car to ensure that it’s in its best condition whenever you get on the road. If you are still starting out in driving you should not do dangerous maneuvers and should always think of the safety of people as well as yourself. 

 Below are some of the common checks that you must perform to reduce the likelihood of driving accidents or travel disruptions. The vehicle inspections that you should carry out before driving are:  

1. Obstructions   

You must check for objects that are blocking your vehicle’s path, even if you’re in a rush. Even the smallest one can cause you a lot of trouble. If you hit these obstacles as you go out, your exit will be delayed. Worse, there will be damages in your car. You’ll also be accountable for any damage caused to the property. Check for twigs, rocks, children’s toys, and similar items around the car.  

2. Tire Condition   

Avoid driving a car with underinflated tires. Always check the tire pressure before driving out for safety purposes. Braking and steering a car with a set of low-pressure tires tend to be harder. You’ll also use more fuel. It’s because to push the car, your engine requires more power. If the tires seem worn out, have them replaced soon to avoid getting them blown up. That also addresses all braking difficulties that you’re as soon as possible.  

3. Visibility Conditions   

If you can’t see clearly what’s happening outside from the windshield, then don’t drive at all. If the glass contains leaves, dust, or other particles, clean them off. You may use the wipers and fluid washer to remove all dirt that has accumulated since you have last used your car. To ensure that you can view the road properly, adjust and check your side view and rearview mirrors.  

4. Brakes   

Step on the brakes several times before leaving the parking space to test if they’re working properly. Failure to brake while driving poses a significant threat to the safety of the driver. If you feel that your brakes do not have enough power, look at the level of brake fluid or bring your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.  

Other Considerations   

Driving safely is a must for everyone. It’s best that you do all things possible to ensure that you’re safe while driving. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that you enroll in an Oklahoma driving school before setting out to drive, if you just purchase your new car. All new drivers must consider enrolling in any one of the driving schools Tulsa for their own safety.   

There are also specialized driving schools like the DUI school Tulsa where you can get advanced learning. They’ll teach a different curriculum in there, which is more focused on how to prevent DUI infractions. This is a very important course, especially for new teenage drivers. If you’re finally giving your teen permission to drive, it’s important that they know their responsibilities while on the road. They have to be taught that their safety and that of others is very important.   

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